So what makes a great salesperson?

These free online sales training tips may help. Lets start by learning the basics of sales and practising every day...

David Beckham knows how to take a free kick, so does he just go home after training and hopes that he can deliver when he needs to? Not at all – in fact, he practices harder than anyone else on a daily basis to maintain his level of skill and expertise. That’s why he is the best at what he does.

Too many people have forgotten the sales basics they learnt 5 or 10 years ago and just cruise their way through the whole process. Here is a reminder of the basic skills you need….

• Know how to build the long term client relationships

• Research the client properly

• Understand what clients suit your products

• Understanding questioning techniques to get the right client information you need

• Know how to prepare for a meeting

• A daily action plan to motivate yourself

• A time management plan

• How to plan and create your sales strategy

• Know your competition

• Understand why clients buy and why they don't

• How to not sound like a salesman

• How to follow up a customer enquiry

• How to follow up after the sale is made

• How to book appointments

• How to control meetings

• How to pitch or present your product to the client

• How to listen and know when to ‘shut up’

• When to ask for the sale and again learning to ‘be quiet’

• Be confident in what you’re selling

• Learning simple cold calling rules & techniques

• How to write proposals

• Recognising client buying signals

• Know how to deal with client objections or issues

• Know how to create great customer service

• Know how to network properly