Breakthrough Online Sales Training on a Budget to Convert More Business!

With budget cuts and greater tax increases, many companies will have to make financial reductions. It’s common knowledge that these cuts begin with marketing and staff development but with the launch of new online sales training specialist – The Business Zoo – this is an excuse from the past.  

The Business Zoo online sales training mentor offers a series of budget-friendly, downloadable online sales training aids, starting at just £1.99! The documents can be purchased through flexible credit-based packages that suit individuals and companies alike, we focus on simple sales training.

The online sales training 'sales series' is ideal for start-ups, small businesses and even large corporate sales teams who don’t have the budget or time to spend out of the office to carry out online sales training. Topics covered by the online sales training mentor include; simple sales skills, referrals, business management, negotiation, event sales training, motivation and even helpful templates on customer profiling and team questionnaires. 

The Business Zoo online sales training was created to help those businesses or individuals who traditionally don’t like selling! Founder Nick Brown - who has over 20 years of experience of selling at the highest level - is passionate about breaking the scary stereotypes around online sales training.

Nick said: “In today’s economic climate converting the highest possible percentage of business leads and referrals is crucial. But still, the term ‘sales’ seems to panic so many businesses.“I wanted to create an accessible, value-for-money, online sales resource to show people just how simple selling can be. The jargon-free guides from The Business Zoo could help you generate £1000s!”

As well as being free to join, full of quality content and sales documents that cost less than a pint of beer, visitors are encouraged to take The Business Zoo survey to find out which documents are most suitable to their business sales needs. 

This month, The Business Zoo is also offering a free introductory sales training document to get you started. Begin your move from sales mediocrity to sales excellence here.